Liveware Quickies: A Response To “Myth Busted: PCs Are Not Better Than Consoles”

A response to Myth Busted: PCs Are Not Better Than Consoles

Like, seriously?

I seldom see either so many blatant lies or obfuscation of facts (depending on how malevolent I want to interpret the article) that I just had to comment in fear that some uneducated newfag would take its words for fact and actually believe the arguments.

Myth #1 – Consoles Require Cumbersome Controllers

Oh yes, the dreaded “mouse for consoles” argument.
How nice of you to debunk your own statement providing a link to the Amazon page which shows the highest rated reviews for the product are all negative.

See we don’t use mice on PC because they feel nice or are ergonomically attractive, we use them because we like the increased pixel-perfect precision – i.e. also called “control”, something the console ‘controllers’ don’t provide.
The problem with -every- -single- “console mouse” is that the Xbox software, and most games don’t accept digital input, they have been programmed for analog input after all, the analog stick.
Anyone that used these mouse substitutes on console says the same thing: they “feel” weird, they have weird lag and acceleration, they just don’t work right.
It’s because you just physically -cant- convert digital into analog input properly on a console because the software doesn’t expect it.

Not to mention that PCs support -all- input methods that can possibly be devised.
All. Period.

Wii? sure
Kinect? of course
That vibrator from Sony? yes we can have that too.
Joysticks, gamepads, digital, analog, wheels, flightsticks, arcade sticks, you name it, I plug and play it, PC does them all.
Why? Because it’s not a closed platform.

Myth #2 – Consoles Are NOT Indie Friendly

Yes, 2000 indie games on XBLIG, whoop-dee-fucking-doo.
Tells us nothing about how the platform fares.
According to Wikipedia:

Recent reviews suggest that, while distributing for XBLIG is relatively easy, games on the platform often make very small earnings, compared to other platforms, prompting many indie developers to move on from the Xbox 360 platform.[26] Zeboyd Games, who developed Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World for XBLIG, ported the games to Microsoft Windows about a year and a half later; within six days of their release on the Steam platform, the Windows-version sales, roughly $100,000, had surpassed the previous year-and-a-half sales from XBLIG.

PS: Xbox360 isn’t the only console-environment on the market, and is therefore not an argument for the console environment being friendly to developers. Both Nintendon’t and Sony guard their platforms like its the Shroud of Turin.

Myth #3- Console Games Break The Bank

Fancy graph you have there. Is it in any way related to the point you are making? Please do go on with your cherry-picking of singular instances of games being cheaper on a sale and pre-owned.

Can we look at the bigger picture now?

The fact is that yes, PC gaming will indeed have the higher initial investment, but over time, with lower-priced games, the more games you buy, the larger the gain on your investment is. Add to it that I can run most new console-ports on a 5-6 year old PC just fine, the gain is made apparent.

On the console on the other hand, the more games you buy, the more you lose. How much? I can’t precisely say. I can’t plot a statistically accurate ratio here without going into deep speculation.

This is a fact however that console games will always be more expensive because of licensing costs.

Not to mention the free to play market only exists on PC. In the past I had long parts of a year where I didn’t spend a cent for games but was gaming every day, and these times are only getting better with F2P titles like Blacklight Retribution approaching AAA quality.

Speculative but believable

Myth #4 – Consoles Have A Higher Cost:Performance Ratio

Yesterday, my friend Admon made a statement how one could build a computer for $400 that would “…[B]low consoles out of the water.”

Well, I took this as a personal challenge and set out to find me a PC for $400 that would do just that. All I ended up finding was 3 Asus Computers for under $400, but I’d be hardpressed to say they would knock the socks off of my Xbox.

Done and done.

Those configs actually blow any Xbox360 out of the water mostly because the CPU is way over-powered for what modern games (read: console-ports) need nowadays. Most of the processing power goes into the GPU in modern games.

But hey, I’m tech-literate, the author of the article obviously isn’t but talks about it anyways.

Myth #5 – Console Graphics SUCK compared to PC Graphics

Oh this one is golden.

A Crysis 2 comparison screenshot. Really. Yes, compare a console-port to a native console game. Proof right there. I am beaten. History in the making.

Lets compare the other way around.

Hmmmm, what to pick.

Oh yeah…Witcher 2, the most graphically impressive game of the last two years. A PC-first, console second, title representative of what PCs are capable off.

Xbox 360 (top) VS PC (bottom) @ 1280×720, medium settings

Now I’ll admit the PC Version is stellar! You can almost see the statue’s nose hairs!! But is the difference REALLY worth paying over $900 (USD) or to be more exact over €594 (Euros) Granted, one might find a cheaper graphic card but to achieve the “Stellar” graphics you still end up spending more to upgrade your PC than you would to buy a brand spanking new Xbox 360!

Hmm. On second thought maybe this just proved that Myth #4 is busted after all!

Well, but that wasn’t the question here now was it? The question was, do PC games look better. And the answer is yes.

You are trying to defend 7 year old hardware here, it’s futile.

On a sidenote, the PC builds above would be able to run Witcher 2 on medium to high in full HD if configured correctly

And the problem isn’t even that PCs blow console games out of the water graphically or performance wise.

The problem is that developers are being held back by the 7 year old hardware. Can you imagine how frustrated they must be to work under those restrictions?

Can’t put that content here or else it wont fit on the DVD, can’t make higher fidelity visuals to enhance immersion or else the Xbox might go up in flames, can’t program better CPU-intensive AI because the console can’t handle it, can’t display more interactions and animations on screen, etc. pp.

And this is what we get, games with squandered potential, held back by the inflexibility of a closed system. Everybody loses.

Could you imagine the games we could have if every game was made for PCs first? The worlds, the vistas we could explore and immerse ourselves into?

What if every game looked and felt like this, immersing us into a world filled with rich detail and palpable thick atmosphere.

Are PCs better than consoles?

Define “better”.

Your arguments are bad and you should feel bad.


3 Responses to Liveware Quickies: A Response To “Myth Busted: PCs Are Not Better Than Consoles”

  1. Pedro Gomez says:

    Consoles have advantages.
    PCs have advantages.
    This is why people hate you, PC Gamers, you don’t believe in opinions and different advantages for different systems, you just focus on whether the game runs at Ultra with max textures and Orgasmorama shaders that hardly make gameplay different.

    • PatMcGroyne says:

      The only advantages to consoles are lack of upfront investment (money difference is easily made up with the price of games over your computers life unless you buy like 1 game a year in which case why own a console or PC). The second is that it automatically does all your updates for you, PC’s do all of the mandatory updates for you but there are some optional ones (like BIOS updates and the like) that you have to do on your own.

      Honestly there is very little reason to own a console these days other than specific exclusives but IMHO if you are paying almost $500 (plus game cost) just so you can play a couple of games that aren’t on PC then you really can’t even use the upfront cost argument. PC’s have exclusives too you just haven’t been brainwashed into thinking you need to play them.

  2. PatMcGroyne says:

    The Witcher 2 is a good example, however if you really wanted to blow them out of the water you could have gone a bit more recent with BF4 or even BF3 which would have shown a massive difference.

    Maybe even tomb raider, I know tressfx hair doesn’t sound like a big deal but man does it ever make a big difference.

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