Skyrim’s Souls – A Selection Of Mods


Prepare to be slightly inconvenienced!

Lets be honest here, Skyrim is never going to be Dark Souls, but lets see how close we can get it!

Mods In Motion

Visual Immersion (optional)

SkyRealism ENB Evolved (Requires ENB)

This mod is a preset-collection for ENB adding many next-gen post-processing effects like light-shafts, SSAO, Depth Of Field and many others. It also works as a color and contrast enhancer. The preset used in the video above is “Vibrant”. Read the installation instructions carefully.

WARNING: Expect a halving of your vanilla FPS with this mod. If you are running anything above 60FPS, go for it.

Dark Souls Effect: Mostly for the DoF and color enhancement to make it look more Souls-y.

Lush Grass, Lush Trees and Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Lush Grass increases the amount of grass rendered and produces a far nicer effect than the patches of grass in vanilla, while Lush Trees generates more branches for trees and makes them look more voluminous. There is barely any performance loss.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul uses more objects and higher resolution textures for vegetation creating a more varied flora of Skyrim. Definitely worth the negligibly small performance hit.

Dark Souls Effect: When Dark Souls did flora, it did it lush and green, not patchy and brown.

Skyrim HD – 2k

This is a HD texture pack making all the vanilla textures crispier. Texture size is 2048×2048, you will notice the difference.

Definitely use this if you have 1GB or more video memory or else you will get streaming stutters.

Dark Souls Effect: DS has crispier textures than vanilla Skyrim.

Project Reality – Climates of Tamriel – Weather and Lighting

A mod that adds varied and better weather to Skyrim as well as enhances lighting and makes it more immersive. Nights are now properly dark and dungeons should be tackled with torches or other light-sources.

Use with ENB and SkyRealism ENB Evolved for best effect. If you want it as dark as Dark Souls, this is mandatory.

Dark Souls Effect: Mood changes are conveyed by lighting and ambiance, this mod delivers with fog, rain, storms and dark nights requiring light sources.

Pretty Motion Package

This mod makes certain animations more visually pleasing and fluent, it also fixes some clipping issues and weird weapon behavior.

YY Animation Replacer – Zweihänder

Replaces the vanilla carry-animation of two-handed weapons with an over-the-shoulder grip that is close to Dark Souls.

Immersive Weapons and Immersive Armor

These mods drastically enhance weapon and armor variety in an immersive and lore-friendly way (no pink Anime/WoW armors).

Dark Souls Bonfires

This mod adds Dark Souls Bonfires to every major city. The Bonfires heal and restore mana/stamina, dispense Estus Flasks and can be kindled by offering Dragon Souls.

User Interface and Gameplay

T3nd0s Skyrim Redone

This is the core of our endeavor.

Skyrim Redone is a complete overhaul featuring hundreds of tweaks and gameplay changes. The combat is completely overhauled with stamina and timing taking a prominent role. AI improvements also have been made to let NPCs exploit this new combat system. Not only that but magic-trees, stealth and all skills/perks have been changed or replaced by new better versions. Lockpicking and Pickpocket have been merged into Fingersmith and a new perk-tree, Wayfarer – focusing on combat-lore, introduced. Items are rarer and more expensive in stores. (and MUCH more)

Alternative: If you are absolutely happy with all of Skyrim’s other content -except- the combat, the Deadly Combat mod might be more to your liking as it doesn’t influence anything else.

Dark Souls Effect: This makes the combat of Skyrim challenging and varied with an emphasis on execution, reaction and resource management.

SkyUI (Requires SKSE)

The most popular UI mod for PC. Enhances mouse-control and adds some nifty things like item-icons for quick recognition and more information in general.

iHud – Immersive Hud

This mod makes the hud only appear in chunks as needed but will otherwise stay invisible. Helps immersion.

Alternate Start – Live Another Life

This mod gives you the ability to start the game differently than the introduction and tutorial of vanilla Skyrim.

You can chose a new life for yourself after character-creation and based on the answers you give you will start the game in different ways/locations. For example if you pick hunter as a profession you will start in the forest at a camp with a quest to go to Helgen and look for survivors of the dragon attack. etc.

This is a very useful mod if you don’t want to sit through the whole on-rails section in the beginning and want to experience life in Skyrim differently.

Dark Souls Effect: More freedom of gameplay, narrative paths and starting gear variety.

TK Dodge

This mod adds the 4-directional dodge/roll like in Dark Souls. Unfortunately its always the same animation and not scaled to your armor or weight like in DS (no cartwheels, but backflips if you want).

Still, it does it’s job as a tool for avoidance.

The stamina-amount can be set in the configuration menu of SkyUI ingame. Personally I’ve set it to 10 initially, but you might want to adjust it as you level up.

Dark Souls Effect: With the new combat system an avoidance mechanic is needed for two-handed, dual-wielding and magic-focused characters.


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