Liveware Quickies: Agree To Disagree


Let’s agree that you fuck off.

There are only two very specific scenarios where one can use the “‘Agree To Disagree” phrase without being a passive aggressive dick.

A. All rational and logical arguments have been exhausted (fat chance)

B. A discussion about pure preference

In scenario A you have had an exhaustive debate or discussion that went absolutely nowhere. It’s still a bad phrase to end on but it’s acceptable for the sake of your sanity to just let it go. In scenario B you were originally talking about something that involves personal preference, like your favorite color or type of icecream.

In all other scenarios the phrase “agree to disagree” is just a request for the cessation of communication, an euphemism for “fuck off” or “go away”. The tone is irrelevant, you just told someone you don’t want to hear the other persons arguments regardless of their veracity.

It’s dismissive.

If you don’t want to talk about it and support your position with arguments, don’t talk about it.

Don’t even start talking about it, don’t bait the other person into a discussion where you just pussy out. Using “agree to disagree” is your admission of defeat, it is equivalent to sticking fingers in your ears and going LALALALALALALALA I CANT HEAR YOU!!!

It doesn’t make you look civilized, nice or tolerant, it makes you look like a close minded dick that tries to save face, especially when the opposing side has still more to say. I do not agree to disagree, I don’t agree you withdraw from the conversation you started or at least agreed to have.

I’m 6-0 and we will not call it a draw.

This phrase drives me up the walls.

I beg you to reconsider.


2 Responses to Liveware Quickies: Agree To Disagree

  1. Anuj says:

    Why would you want to talk to someone, who isn’t worth your time and opinion? It’s not supposed to be a debate with clear winners, but a dialogue. I want judges and a fucking panel if any of these conversations is a debate, otherwise it’s a dialogue… and i don’t care to talk if the other party doesn’t.

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