Reconciling Free-To-Play Monetization And Skill-Based Gameplay


[Published on Gather Your Party on 20th September 2013]

Since the introduction of the Free-To-Play (F2P) model, many multiplayer games have struggled with the task of creating compelling gameplay in light of their monetization requirements. Strictly speaking, the monetization always interferes with the gameplay design in one way or another because it provides the game’s lifeline and is therefore more important for the business.

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On Story, Plot, and Narrative in Games


[Originally posted on Gather Your Party on the 9th of September 2013] 

While plot, story and narrative are often used interchangeably in casual conversations, in analytical terms they are separate entities and describe specific aspects of storytelling. If we want to talk about storytelling in games, we must differentiate between them to accurately describe concepts and ideas that the medium tries to express.

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What is a Game? – Podcast


[Originally posted on Gather Your Party on 15th August 2013]

You can click on the image to be taken to a direct mp3 download or click here to get redirected to Gather Your Party.

Participants: Aleksander Adamkiewicz, Amer Hmaidan, Chris Wagar, Rob Welch, Marcus Puckett

Talking points:

  • Rob talks shit about Dota
  • Dear Esther and goals
  • Failure
  • Visual Novels
  • Derail into a Megaman argument
  • Arbitrary effects (i.e. not being able to predict future events based on your actions)
  • Mass Effect 1 spoilers (if anyone that hasn’t played it still cares)
  • Chris and Alex claim that interactive stories don’t exist
  • Should there be games that focus on story telling?
  • Marcus has an aneurysm
  • Simulations

Media Manipulation – Faking It


It’s well known that the pictures in Cosmopolitan are airbrushed, just as it’s known that half of all car commercials use CGI models and trick photography. But how much has marketing manipulated the latest game trailer from E3?

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The One Man That Didn’t Care