Video Game Fatalist: We Can All ‘Go Home’ Now

Members of the media photograph the Xbox One during a press event unveiling Microsoft's new Xbox in Redmond -0UUX0970.jpg-

[Originally posted on Gather Your Party 23.05.2013]

Somewhere between “Xbox, go home” and Call of Duty: Dog, I came to the profound realization that the video game industry has stopped being about video games.

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On Franchise Identity In Video Games


[Originally posted on Gather Your Party 21.05.2013]

We wanted to take the Planescape franchise into a different direction and present the players and fans with a different, more direct experience than before. Planescape: TormentZ, a visceral cinematic first person shooter, takes place in a fantastic world where The Nameless One….

Your throat becomes dry, a clot forms in your stomach and tears stream down your swollen red cheeks.

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A Brief History Of FPS Mechanics; Part 1 – The Golden Age


From circle strafe to rocket-jump.

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Followup: Writing And Video Games – Primer


Pic unrelated.

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Writing And Video Games


I really am, trust me.

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