Infinity Wars – A Quick Look


[Originally posted on 08 Mar 2014 at Gather Your Party]

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Renegade X – A Quick Look

feature[Originally posted on Gather Your Party on the 27th of February 2014]

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Dogs Of War Online – First Impressions


[Originally posted at Gather Your Party on 07 Feb 2014]

Born into a pack, there is no choice but take orders to attack.

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Level Theory: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell


[Originally posted on 04 Feb 2014 at Gather Your Party]


While gameplay mechanics encompass the rules and tools of play, level design is the element that gives the game shape beyond its rules. Level design is often misunderstood as level geometry, but it is used as another term for challenge design. It encompasses everything from geometry to enemy and hazard placements. It is the design of a challenge-environment.

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What is a Game? – Podcast


[Originally posted on Gather Your Party on 15th August 2013]

You can click on the image to be taken to a direct mp3 download or click here to get redirected to Gather Your Party.

Participants: Aleksander Adamkiewicz, Amer Hmaidan, Chris Wagar, Rob Welch, Marcus Puckett

Talking points:

  • Rob talks shit about Dota
  • Dear Esther and goals
  • Failure
  • Visual Novels
  • Derail into a Megaman argument
  • Arbitrary effects (i.e. not being able to predict future events based on your actions)
  • Mass Effect 1 spoilers (if anyone that hasn’t played it still cares)
  • Chris and Alex claim that interactive stories don’t exist
  • Should there be games that focus on story telling?
  • Marcus has an aneurysm
  • Simulations