On Story, Plot, and Narrative in Games


[Originally posted on Gather Your Party on the 9th of September 2013] 

While plot, story and narrative are often used interchangeably in casual conversations, in analytical terms they are separate entities and describe specific aspects of storytelling. If we want to talk about storytelling in games, we must differentiate between them to accurately describe concepts and ideas that the medium tries to express.

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Followup: Writing And Video Games – Primer


Pic unrelated.

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Writing And Video Games


I really am, trust me.

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Liveware Quickies: Normative Morality And Narrative Analysis Of Fiction

When is it appropriate to use normative morality/ethics in our analyses?

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Hyperintelligent Entities

Shodan by Jim Hatama

How can you challenge a hyperintelligent entity?

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